Trance vocale

Andy Moor & Michele C – We can be free

The tell us what to do
Where to go, what to say
And they tell us how to alive

How we can’t

I know there’s so much more to us
Do you feel the way i do
Maybe we our ride this ware out
And follow it to someplace new

There’s no better time
Than here and now
We can shine somewhere else

Let’s run away to another galaxy
Where we can be free
We can be free, we can be free
Just you and me
We’ll fly away till we reach the skies
And realise that we can be
We can be free, you and me
We can be free

They try to control
Everything that we are
They tell us who to love
They tell us who we can

We’re desing time
Fighting from the inside out
You know well shine somewhere else

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